Tips on how to heal your Inner Child

*Learn to forgive your parents/guardians- You must understand that the behavior of the ones that brought you up is a reflection of their programming, which may include some internal wounds. They may project hurt onto others until they become aware and know better. (Forgive them either way and create a healthy boundary)
*Seek joy- Intentional explore activities that set your soul on fire. It can be simple as dancing in the middle of your home with your pet, kids, or partner, Riding a bike with a smile on your face, baking a cake, or playing a pillow fight.  Do whatever makes you playful at heart.
*Be mindful- Sometimes, we may exhibit childish responses and seem irrational. Ask yourself at the moment, “Where is this coming from?” Then, don’t judge yourself. Observe and become ready to make peace and release by saying, “ I am aware of the root of this wound; I forgive me and others that are involved. I know better now, and thank you for showing me what needs to heal within me.” (This may require practice, but it works!)
*Make Self-Care a Habit – As an adult, you must formulate daily habits that will care for your mind, body, and soul. This is part of parenting yourself. Learn to listen to your body when it feels good and telling you; this habit/person is no longer serving your highest good.
*Commit to loving yourself- Say, “I am my responsibility now, and I have the power to create a better me and the life I want. As I step into my power, I become one with my higher self to serve myself and others with love and care. I will consciously live one day at a time with no judgment but only seeks to understand myself and others with peace and love. I respect myself, and so it is”
*Practice compassion- You will meet people on your life journey with a wounded inner child. Send that person love and remind them of their power. Beware not to become too empathic, but respect the person’s journey. You have to protect yourself while serving.
You will become a better leader, parent, and whatever role you play.
By Coach Annika Ramcharan
All rights reserved
Art by Aryana Golchin

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