Online Events

Women's Night
FREE March 27th (recurring event)

2 Hours

When women support each other, incredible things happen. This is a monthly event that brings women together to ask, learn and share on any personal or professional topic related to women. 

15 women max

Private and Confidential Space

For more information/suggestions


Call or WhatsApp: 1.917.900.5596

Women's Leadership Development
FREE (New date coming soon)

1 Hour 

Harness your innate power as a woman and lead with confidence in the workplace.

Heal & Reinvent
April 7th, 2021 / 6pm EST

1 Hour

This workshop is designed to assist survivors of domestic abuse in starting a new chapter in her life. I will equip you with therapeutic techniques and insight for your healing and rebuilding journey.

Step into Your Power
(New date coming soon)USD 50

2 Hours

This workshop aims to empower and equip you to create powerful change in your life. You will experience powerful insight into self-esteem, self-confidence, and goal setting methods. This simple workshop sets a foundation in each person that’s important for personal development. Having a bright outlook on oneself is crucial for breaking the barriers of limiting beliefs that stop us from growing and changing in life.  We all have a personal responsibility to know what we want in life and how to achieve it.