Hi, I'm Annika de Gannes

I Equip and Empower my clients to step into their power to live and lead purposeful and empowered lives.

CEO and Founder of Intentional Leadership
Intentional Leadership offers Holistic Personal and Leadership Development including Corporate Leadership Training for all levels, Coaching for both Personal and Professional goals, Hypnotherapy, and Motivational Speaking for Youths and Female events

Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team
The John Maxwell Company compels corporate leaders and consumers to inspire, challenge, and equip organizations to live out leadership and reach their potential. This company distributes resources, develops customized curriculum for businesses of all sizes, and impacts industries locally, nationally, and globally.

Ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago of The Female Wave of Change
Gratefully tasked with facilitating change with women for women by inspiring through the sharing of experience and knowledge. Female Wave of Change is a global movement that unites women changing the world into a better place. We are women from all walks of life who take responsibility for our own future, the future of the next generation, and of the world.

Intentional Leadership

With the privilege of our fast-paced digital era; connecting and transforming lives became easier and more accessible. I currently work with clients that speak English in the Caribbean, Central America, and North America in-person and virtually.

Expanding Human Potential sounds like a cliché journey for most because we are told to push ourselves to do and be the best of who we are yet most of us don’t know-how. We are born into a system designed for us and we adapt the way of life and beliefs that held our system together for many years. Very few of us were thought how to intentionally transform and grow.
Times are changing and we are developing into more conscious beings. You will observe people stepping out of comfort and tradition to explore and experience more from life, because of that internal burning desire for a more authentic, fulfilling, and happy life. 
Are you intentionally living a life of healthy relationships, a prosperous career, and optimal health? 

My responsibility as your coach is to guide, support, and facilitate your growth all-round. To help you push your thinking capabilities and doing abilities beyond your wildest imagination. To help you to tap into your personal power and lead a fulfilling and purposeful life that makes a difference in this world. As you grow, you must touch the lives of others positively and leave a legacy. If not, what is the purpose of life?
It is time to break the barriers together one person at a time and allow the possibility of human potential to blossom and change the world for the better.